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NORS/NDACC UV-VIS Working Group Meeting

July 3-4, 2012, BIRA-IASB, Brussels


The NORS project (Demonstration Network Of ground-based Remote Sensing Observations in support of the GMES Atmospheric Service) aims at demonstrating the value of ground–based remote sensing data from the Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change for quality assessment and improvement of the GMES Atmospheric Service products.

A combined NORS/NDACC UV-VIS Working Group Meeting was held at BIRA-IASB on 3-4 July 2012.


Download the final agenda here.


Alexander Cede (AC), Luftblick, Austria
Martine De Mazière (MDM), IASB-BIRA, Belgium (NORS session only)
Udo Friess (UF), IUP-Heidelberg, Germany
Clio Gielen (CG), IASB-BIRA, Belgium
Laura Gomez (LG), INTA, Spain
François Hendrick (FH), IASB-BIRA, Belgium
Karin Kreher (KK), NIWA, New Zealand
Bavo Langerock (BL), IASB-BIRA, Belgium (NORS session only)
Maud Pastel (MP), LATMOS, France
Ankie Piters (AP), KNMI, The Netherlands
Gaia Pinardi (GP), IASB-BIRA, Belgium
Olga Puentedura (OP), INTA, Spain
Julia Remmers (JR), MPI-Mainz, Germany
Howard Roscoe (HKR), BAS, UK
Frederik Tack (FT), IASB-BIRA, Belgium
Michel Van Roozendael (MVR), IASB-BIRA, Belgium
Thomas Wagner (TW), MPI-Mainz, Germany
Folkard Wittrock (FW), IUP-Bremen, Germany
Xiaoyi Zhao (XZ), University of Toronto, Canada


Download the minutes here.


(the 3th of July 2012)
13:00 Welcome
13:10 Individual Team reports, BAS (HKR)
13:25 Individual Team reports, Bremen (FW)
13:40 Individual Team reports, LATMOS (MP)
13:55 Individual Team reports, INTA (OP)
14:10 Individual Team reports, Toronto (XZ)
14:25 Individual Team reports, NIWA (KK)
14:40 Individual Team reports, BIRA-IASB (MVR)
15:10 Individual Team reports, Heidelberg (UF)
15:10 Coffe Break
Post-CINDI activities and other science highlights
15:45 HONO retrievals in Beijing and Xianghe (FH)
16:00 Aerosol retrievals in Beijing and Xianghe (FH on behalf of Tim Vlemmix)
16:15 Intercomparison of MAX-DOAS aerosol profiling algorithm (UF)
16:30 Surface ozone and NO2 at Izaòa Observatory from MAXDOAS measurements (LG)
17:00 BrO intercomparison during the CINDI campaign (OP)
17:15 Intercomparison of HCHO slant columns (GP)
(the 4th of July 2012)
NORS session
09:00 NORS: overview and project status (M. De Mazière, project coordinator)
09:15 NORS WP3 status/discussion (Lead: FH) - GEOMS data formatting - Rapid delivery service - QA/QC procedures
09:45 NORS WP4 status/discussion (Lead: FW on behalf A. Richter)
- Harmonisation of stratospheric NO2/O3 data products (FH/MVR)
- NORS validation server/Stratospheric NO2 photochemical correction tool (FH)
- MAXDOAS horizontal averaging effects (TW)
- Intercomparisons (e.g. MAXDOAS vs. FTIR) (FH)
- Uncertainties (FW on behalf of Andreas Richter)
- Satellite comparisons (OP)
13:30 Follow-up campaign in Madrid 2014 – CINDI-2
- Introduction (MVR)
- Facilities at INTA (OP)
Science highlights postponed from July 3rd to July 4th
15:10 NO2 sonde for satellite validation (AP)
15:30 Intercomparison of NO2 profiling algorithms (FW)
End of meeting



For any question regarding the NORS workshop please contact François Hendrick or Michel Van Roozendael

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